Wellness Session

Physical Reconditioning, Injury Prevention

BodyLife Wellness program offers both English and Japanese speaking services and is registered by the Japanese Physical Therapy Association (JPTA). We specialize in pre and post operation rehabilitation (acute and chronic phase) and sports rehabilitation. We are also experienced in the treatment of orthopedics disease, cardiovascular and pulmonary disease, and central nervous system disease.


• Neck, back, and shoulder stiffness and pain
• Joint stiffness and pain
• Hip and groin pain
• Sports injuries
• Pregnancy-related symptoms
• Stroke and other neurological problems
• Breathing difficulties (COPD: Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)
• Diabetes mellitus
• Arthritis

If you have a heart condition or underlying health conditions, are pregnant, or have any physical ailments, please get your doctor’s permission to start our program.

Treatment methods

• Range of motion exercise
• Joint mobilization to reduce pain and stiffness
• Sports Massage
• Stretching
• Pilates
• Spine & hip alignment
• Posture correction
• Muscle strengthening and re-education
• PNF(proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation)

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